About Young Life

Young Life is for everyone! From middle school to college, adult staff and volunteers with Young Life decide to be the adults that show up for kids in our city. The need is huge. There are so many young people in our neighborhoods, schools, streets, and towns that are in desperate need for someone to step into their lives, listen, love, share spiritual things, and be consistent.


Young Life's ministries include:

  • WyldLife - middle school students
  • Young Life - high school students
  • College Young Life - college students
  • YoungLives - outreach to and mentorship of teen moms
  • Club Beyond - military teens
  • Capernaum - teens and young adults with special needs - This is US!
Young Life began with a few simple ideas about sharing the truth of God’s love with adolescents. Two of the statements that guide Young Life's work with adolescents are "It's a sin to bore a kid with the Gospel" and that people trying to talk about Jesus should "Earn the Right to be Heard."

Showing Up — Contact Work

Adults who care about kids show up where kids are. Maybe it's volunteering in a school or an after-school activity. For some it means endless milkshakes and french fries at a local fastfood joint, going to the movies, or hanging out at a football game. Friendships are formed when people start showing up.

A Party with a Purpose — Club

This is the weekly gathering where kids regardless of ability, religious affiliation, or comfort level could show up and have the best night of their week. It includes fun music, dancing, crazy games, skits, singing, hanging out, and a short talk from the Bible.

The Best Week of Their Life — Camp

If you haven't been to a Young Life camp, words cannot adaquately describe the amazing events, rides, people, and stories that are encountered at one of Young Life's amazing properties. Eastside Capernaum has taken kids with special needs to Malibu Club in Canada, Washington Family Ranch - Canyon in central Oregon, and Lost Canyon in Arizona! This is the chance of a lifetime for our friends, boldly going where no one would have thought they could go before.

A Time to Question, Learn and Grow — Campaigners

This is time for leaders to meet with kids in a smaller group and a calmer setting to talk deeply about life and Christian themes. Leaders and kids ask each other questions, share what is going on in their hearts, and learn from the Bible. For many kids, this small group becomes like family.

Adults Who Care — Committee

Young Life is only possible because of the support of community and family members who want to be involved. Committee is a team of these people, dedicated to supporting volunteer leaders, facilitating the work that staff is tasked with, helping with events and outreach, and providing a prayer foundation to all that is done.


Young Life Greater Bellevue Capernaum | 14150 NE 20th St F1 #345 Bellevue, WA 98007

Phone: (253) 219-4312

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